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Sue Pollard

I have always used the highest premium octane fuel. This costs me an extra 50 to 60 cents more per gallon. I was really hesitant to drop the Green Fuel Tabs in my tank for the first time. It also made me extremely nervous to put regular fuel in my Mercedes. After one use, I was sold. I’m saving money but more important, my car is running better than ever and I’m getting roughly 70 miles more per tank!



I filled my 2020 Toyota Tacoma TSS off Road truck and it showed 303 miles distance to empty. I went from Brandon MS to Union MS and back then to Forest MS to see flowers in bloom then back home. I drove 219 miles and is still showed 152 miles to empty that is a gain of 68 miles that is an increase of just under 23% increase in MPG. We are thrilled. We never want to be without our Green Fuel Tabs.



My 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser with 138,000 miles is getting almost 18% better MPGs. After eight uses, my mileage has increased from 20.4 mpg to 24 mpg. I’m basically getting over 2 free gallons of gas per fill up. My V6 engine now runs like a V8! I had started my car in the garage and I left it running for 15 minutes and when I returned, I could not smell any exhaust emissions which was absolutely incredible.


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